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Red And White Checkered Tablecloths

red and white checkered tablecloths


  • A cloth spread over a table, esp. during meals
  • (tablecloth) a covering spread over a dining table
  • A tablecloth is a cloth used to cover a table. Typically tablecloths are made of cotton or other natural fibres, or fabrics made from man made or synthetic fibres. Some are designed to be easy to wipe clean, often using PVC coated materials.


  • divided into squares, or into light and dark patches; changeable; inconsistent; having variations or uncertainty
  • marked by changeable fortune; “a checkered business career”
  • Marked by periods of varied fortune or discreditable incidents
  • checked: patterned with alternating squares of color
  • Having a pattern of alternating squares of different colors


  • Paint or turn (something) white
  • being of the achromatic color of maximum lightness; having little or no hue owing to reflection of almost all incident light; “as white as fresh snow”; “a bride’s white dress”
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red and white checkered tablecloths – 30" x

30" x 96" Red & White Gingham Check Kwik Covers-6 Pack
30" x 96" Red & White Gingham Check Kwik Covers-6 Pack
6 Pack of Red & White Gingham Check Tablecloths for 30″ x 96″ Table. Covering tables is a snap with Kwik Covers! Simply stretch the Kwik Cover over your table and the elastic edges and adhesive strips will hold the Kwik Cover in place, keeping your event and your tables looking neat and clean. Kwik Covers won’t blow off in the wind! Kwik Covers Save Time Kwik Covers are considered disposable and reusable since they can be wiped off and used again or they can be easily removed after a single use, making them disposable. Reusable Fitted Plastic Tables Covers feature convenient elastic corners that make table covering quick and easy. No tape, tacks or staples are needed because the deep elastic pockets ensure a snug custom fit. Orders normally ship within 1-3 business days, for expedited orders, please contact us at 207-843-5361.

The Regulars

The Regulars
Luigi’s Bar,
Erie, Pennsylvania.

Luigi’s Bar has been in Erie FOREVER. It’s in Erie’s Little Italy neighborhood and many a politician, rascal, and, dare I say, priest have found a warm barstool there.

On the other side of the bar is Luigi’s restaurant. The tables are covered in red and white checkered tablecloths and the plates of spaghetti and meatballs are generous.

It looks different now – more run down, less family/community style dining and drinking. Still, it’s an institution in this city.
And… it has a dog mural – does it get any better than than???

Grimaldis, #1 Four years In A Row

Grimaldis, #1 Four years In A Row
Grimaldi’s – 9.25 out of ten
Split one small plain pie and drank Brooklyn Lager. Thin crust topped with fresh mozz (the freshest ever tasted on za before), covered with flavorful sauce and fresh basil. Superb za. Note – thin crust cools very fast. Great ambiance – old world feel. Red/white checkered tablecloths. Pizza pie holder. Classic Italian songs performed with a more modern dance rhythm. Waited on line outside for ~15 minutes for table.
red and white checkered tablecloths